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Wishing everyone a safe and healthy social distancing. We are still working to all the government guidelines, all making from home and one person at a time in the studio so we may be a little slower than usual answering your requests. But we are here.

We have an extensive choice of stunning, individual  Handmade to order Faux Fur Throws and backings, to suit all price ranges. Please select any faux fur below and see many fabulous and unique combinations to buy. 

We currently have over 90 faux furs available in our faux fur throw range!

As all our products are handmade to order in our UK studio we can also make any size faux fur throw with any combination/backing to your requirements. Please call 01255 475 498 or email us at info@fauxthrow.com to discuss your specifications. We can also back your choice of fur with your own fabric.

**See our Fabulous Faux Fur Throws & Cushions in The Cabins ITV 2

And our Polar Bear,  Russian Sable, Husky, Timber Wolf, Wolverine and Alaska in Sky Atlantic's Thriller Fortitude and delighted our fabulous Throws, Cushions and Poufs are featured on this seasons Peter Andre's 60 minute Makeover** 

We also make matching cushions. Quick link to faux fur cushions page or Click here to view our House & Home Products

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a faux fur throw in 2021!

Romanov Faux Fur Throws
WAS  £105.00
SAVE: £52.50 (50%)
Umber Faux Fur Throw
Husky Faux Fur Throw
Mongolian Grey Faux Fur Throw
WAS  £105.00
SAVE: £31.50 (30%)
Peach Faux Fur Throw
Select Size
Tartan Throws
Coco Faux Fur Throws
Simba Faux Fur Throw
SALE Gold Leopard Faux Fur Throw with Tan Faux Suede
WAS  £455.00
SAVE: £68.25 (15%)
SALE Ivory Astra Faux Fur Throw with Cream Velboa
WAS  £155.00
SAVE: £31.00 (20%)
SALE Marilyn Faux Fur Throw with Cream Velboa
WAS  £425.00
SAVE: £63.75 (15%)
SALE Raccoon Faux Fur Throw with Silver Faux Suede
WAS  £175.00
SAVE: £35.00 (20%)
SALE Silver Musquash Faux Fur Throws
WAS  £120.00
SAVE: £12.00 (10%)
SALE Simba Faux Fur Throw with Chocolate Faux Suede
WAS  £205.00
SAVE: £20.50 (10%)
SALE Timber Wolf Faux Fur Throw with Cushions
WAS  £175.00
SAVE: £26.25 (15%)
SALE Tissavel Arctic Fox Faux Fur Throws with Cream Velboa
WAS  £155.00
SAVE: £23.25 (15%)
SALE Tissavel Teal Faux Fur Throws
WAS  £225.00
SAVE: £45.00 (20%)
SALE Tissavel Winter Leopard Throw with Black Moleskin Faux Fur
WAS  £245.00
SAVE: £61.25 (25%)