News / 17 Aug 2018

Mega Open Day SALE

Our First Ever Mega Open Day Sale!

On Friday 14th and Saturday 15th September we’re opening our doors for the first time and hosting a faux fur mega sale.
To make way for new faux furs we’re selling ready made products and fabrics for an incredibly reduced price – SOME AS LITTLE AS £1 A PIECE!

So come and take away your years’ worth of faux fur in one go!

1 hanging pieces main room

Details can be found on Facebook here

Faux Fur and Silk Scarf Collars

Part of our new ‘Boutique’ range, our interchangeable ‘Silk ‘n Faux’ collar has 3 loops on the reverse side to slide silk scarves through. Wear it open or keep toasty warm with the scarf tied.

You can change with your own scarves to keep the look fresh & new and to match any outfit!

1 1 petrol blue peacock scarf wbg

Sailor’s Collars

Our Two Tone Sailor Collars are an adorable addition to winter outfits.

Inspired by traditional sailor suits, these collars have a modern chic edge and look best when worn over coats or thin jumpers and dresses.

Sunshine yellow mink and black moleskin sailor collar (2)


Zipped Hoods

New Faux Fur Zipped Hoods are perfect for keeping your ears and neck toasty warm during the colder months.

Lined with cuddle soft velboa these hoods are super snuggly and stylish, perfect for wearing on the slopes!

1 1 blakc mink zipped hoodie good


New Faux Furs

Dark Leopard – Dark Leopard Faux Fur. This is a dark rich chocolate colour with a Leopard pattern in black. Luxurious and super soft.

1 1 dark panther scrunch USE.jpg

Midas – Midas Faux Fur. As the name suggest Midas Faux Fur is an opulent, sensational, rich gold colour

1 1 midas scrunched

New Jaguar – New Jaguar. This Jaguar pattern faux fur is a must have for fans of animal patterns a mixture of cream, black and brown in a Jaguar/Leopard pattern.

1 1 new jaguar scrunch.jpg

Zebra – Zebra Faux Fur has the stunning black and white Zebra pattern. Fabulous on its own or combined with any black and white fabrics and faux furs.  A stunning stand out faux fur.

1 1 zebra scrunch.jpg

Almond – Almond Faux Fur is a delicate, warm and delightful pale honey/toffee colour.

1 1 almond faux fur throw (deleted b'a5b6475fd0aaaba0ed5236ded86a4efe')

Coming in September from Tissavel: Jade, a stunning turquoise. Four new in our Tundra range: grey, cream, white, brown and White Wolf and Teddy Bear.