Faux Fur Boa Scarves

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Our new Boa Scarves are sensationally striking, using two contrasting Faux Furs. Our Boa Scarves measure 196 cm (77 inches)  - the main scarf is 150 cm plus 2 x 23cm ‘tails’.  Faux Fur covers both sides of the scarf making them perfect to brighten up any outfit and keep the wearer warm during the colder months. The Boa Scarf can be worn in many styles; traditionally, across the shoulders, tied, crossed over and worn as a stole, to name just a few!

As we make everything here in our UK studio we are able to create any colour combination you desire and with approx 73 Faux Furs there are over 5,500 combinations to choose from!

Below are just a few of our combinations.