Sizing Information

Sizing Information

Please note: sizes are approximate. We buy our fabrics by the roll and these are usually made to order for us by the faux fur manufacturers, so slight variations in width and colour are normal, from batch to batc.h Throws For example: Some faux fur rolls can arrive slightly wider than 150 cm, in which case we do try to make the throw a few centimetres wider (often as much as 160 cm) so that you have even more throw for your money. Because these are hand-made, minimum length will always be accurate, but again your throw may be a few centimetres longer.

We have 9 standard sizes. As we make all our products in our UK studio we can make any size from any faux fur and backing that we stock (all throws may not be on the website yet). So please contact us with your requirements at

The Lap/Knee size - 1.5m wide x 1m Long – is perfect for a car or just to cover your knees while watching the TV or reading a book, and is ideal for a single chair or chaise.

The Bed Runner Size -  2.3m wide  x 50cm deep  - is perfect as an accessory for the bottom or middle of a bed, as it drapes to the floor on both sides, giving a really luxurious look. Customers often use this size when they want the luxury of a throw but also want to see their bed covers or quilts. So this size is really to enhance the look without going to the expense of a full double-sized throw. Also perfect if you have a long chaise.

The Medium size1.5m x 1.5m – is perfect for a double or single bed, a sofa or a chair, and also a good size to snuggle under.

The Large size1.5m Wide x 2m Long – we think is the most versatile. It is perfect to completely cover a double or queen-sized bed; perfect to completely snuggle under; perfect to ‘throw’ over the sofa. It can also fold to a Knee size and lay across the bottom of a bed.

The Long Size - 1.5m wide x 2.5m Long - perfect to drape over the ends of beds or sofas.

The Extra Long size1.5m Wide  x 3m Long – was specifically designed for those customers who have no ‘end of the bed’ and want the throw to come right down to the floor, giving a really long sumptuous look. And it's equally good for a long sofa or corner unit.

Just a brief word about the 'Double' sizes below – the fabric is 1.5 m wide – so for any width over that – we use 1 piece of 1.50m in the centre and then join a piece either side and painstakingly pull through all the fibres so the joins are almost invisible. 

The Double Width3m Wide x 2m Long– is for those customers that do have an end to the bed but would like the throw to come down to the floor (and beyond) on both sides. This is gorgeous.

The Queensbury size - 2.5m x 2.5m - This very popular size is ideal for a Queen or King sized bed, to drape over the sides and bottom, where the 3m x 3m may be too big.

Double Sized – 3m x 3m – This is a huge throw, completely covering any size of bed and draping well past the floor on all three sides. This is the sumptuous ‘Russian Lodge’ look – you can just imagine the Tsars and their families enjoying this luxury (though they were made from real fur then). This is such a wonderful size that you can get the whole family snuggling under if you have a big enough sofa or bed. Please bear in mind that this size will need dry cleaning as it will be too big to wash by hand or to fit into a washing machine. Faux Fur weighs approx 1.4K per meter (backing approx .5K) so a double sized throw will weigh approx 11K and double fur will weigh approx 17K