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Fabulous Designer Faux Fur Scarves, Hats, Boot toppers, Cuffs, Leg Warmers, Headbands and Muffs.

Our faux furs are so silky and soft they are mistaken for real fur. This year's must have.

Polar Bear is a fabulous faux fur, silky, long and luscious, the fur is 7 cm long with many fibers up to 10 cm (4”) long giving it that wonderful natural ‘yetti’ look. Like Polar Bear colour is white with just a hint of cream. (Polar Bear looks pure white until you put it next to our Snow White faux fur which is pristine white)

All our products are tailor made in our UK design studios. If there is something you cannot see please do call on 01255 475498 or email us at info@fauxthrow.com

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