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Polar Bear Faux Fur Throw
Polar Bear Faux Fur Throw
Polar Bear Faux Fur Throw
Polar Bear Faux Fur Throw
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For size conversion feet and inches please see below

Polar Bear is a fabulous long and luscious faux fur with fibres 4 - 7 cm long giving it that wonderful natural 'yetti' look. Indulge yourself with Polar Bear on both sides.

Backings to choose from:

Cuddle Soft Velboa: As the name suggests Cuddle Soft Velboa is a fabulous silky, plush, tactile fabric -  perfect to snuggle under. Pale Cream Velboa blends beautifully with Polar Bear.

Faux Suede: White Faux Suede is extemely soft and tactile with a high sheen - soft like chamois and a perfect backing for Polar Bear. Cream Faux Suede is extemely soft and tactile - just like chamois leather and is a lovely backing for Polar Bear

Faux Fur Both Sides: If you are looking for a wonderful black and white contrast this is the one for you. Black Moleskin is a dense, silky faux fur with pile over 1.5 cm long and a luxurious sheen. A unique, luxury throw. This a stunning and unique combination. A most unusual 'curly coat' Ivory Astra is a dense silky faux fur with different lengths of fibres giving a 'curly coat' affect - like Astrakhan. Ivory in colour - a perfect match with Polar Bear Fur.

Please note that throws with fur both sides are much heavier.

We make matching Cushions too! - Click here to view  

As all our products are made in our UK studio we can also make any size throw with any combination/backing to your requirements.

Please call 01255 475 498 or email us at to discuss your specifications.

We can also back your choice of fur with your own fabric.

CONVERSION     W x L                    W x L

Lap                    1.5m x 1m    = 4ft 11in x 3ft 3in
Bed Runner     2.3m x 50cm = 7ft 6in  x 20in
Medium           1.5m x 1.5m  = 4ft 11in x 4ft 11in
Large                1.5m x 2 m    = 4ft 11in x 6ft 7in
Long                 1.5m x 2.5m  = 4ft 11 in x 8ft 2in
Extra long        1.5m x 3m     = 4ft 11in x 9ft 10in
Double width  3m x 2m        = 9ft 10in x 6ft 7in
Queensbury    2.5m x 2.5m  = 8ft 2in x 8ft 2in
Double sized   3m x 3m        = 9ft 10in x 9ft 10in

Product Reviews
A luxurious fur, heavy, drapes beautifully
Allison Bacher

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Is this Polar Bear faux fur throw with faux suede backing machine washable? What is your best price for the 2m x 1.5m size? Many thanks
Answer (06/03/2018)
It is washable (please see 'Cleaning and Care' Guide below in the footer) but the faux suede (and satin backings) will crease and heat cannot be applied to the fur (dry naturally no dryer, no iron)Cuddle Soft Velboa may be a better option as Cuddle soft velboa doesn't crease when you wash it. Our prices are very competitive and less than any comparable competitors, as we make everything here in our studio direct to customers. I hope that helps
Great thanks. Would you send me a sample? 1, the Pierhead, wapping High St. London E1W 1PN I need to make sure the colour works. It looks like there are subtle difference in tones throughout? also I want it for a sofa is the cuddle soft velboa backing non slip?
Answer (06/03/2018)
Hi Hilary - yes of course - you can order free swatches here on the website. If you click on 'Fabric' in the top menu 'Swatches' is the third in the drop down.You can orde up to 5 free or buy sets. I've put your Polar Bear swatch on now and we'll send it tomorrow. It's a fabulous fur. Many thanks
Will cats sleeping on the polar bear throw ruin it? They are good cats & won’t play in it just sleep! I worry it may matt?
Answer (06/03/2018)
Hi Katye - It would be a good idea to brush after they’ve been on it, it won’t necessarily matt but it would flatten the fibres over time and will be noticeable. I’d suggest you buy them one of their own to go on top. Pets LOVE the faux fur and we make pet throws so we can make a mini throw in Polar Bear or any other fur if you like. The good thing about the pet throws is that you can easily wash them. You can wash the big throw but the little ones take very little time to dry – wash on delicates but NO DRYER just allow to dry naturally or near a radiator the fur - is acrylic and will literally melt in a dryer or under an iron. You could just buy some faux fur fabric too I hope that helps. Very best

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Polar Bear Faux Fur Throw

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