Faux Fur Bolero Waistcoats

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Fabulous Faux Fur Bolero/Waistcoats/Vest. Perfect when you don’t need a coat – but need to keep toasty warm. Designed to be worn open, our Faux Fur Bolero/Waistcoats have low-cut armholes for a sleek silhouette, and plenty of room to be worn over a sweater. No pockets and no closures ensure a smooth, flattering shape. Approx 40 cm long (16 inches) to cover your back to the waist.

For a back view – see our customer corner fashion section (Click on the Faux Fur Donkey half way down the Home page) – quick link

Introductory Offer normally £49.95.

As we make all our products in our UK studio – we can make any size; just email us at info@fauxthrow.com for a quote.