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Grey Is The New Black

Our Blog / 16 May 2019

Gone are the days of considering Grey as a solely utilitarian colour. Its multi-shade elements make this colour adaptable for fashion and interior design, as well as complimenting both warm and cool tones of other colours.

From silvery dove to the darkest charcoal, we stock a wide range of grey tones to choose from that will fit in with your life-style.

Grey's in the home:

Dove and Silver Grey Furs:

For interior design, Grey's work alongside natural materials beautifully, be it brick or wooden features. Also why not add a vibrant colour pop as funky contrast

We have a selection of tones to suit your every need.

Our lighter grey faux furs include Silver Softee, Mongolian Silver and Silver Mink.

These pale and playful tones work brilliantly with colour, from light and fun pastels to bright and bold statement colours.

Their soft and airy hue means they work elegantly in rooms which require a less imposing colour scheme or with little natural light.

1 1 mongolian silver flipped1 1 1 coral ball with silver mink

Grey and Brown Tonal Furs:

Recent interior trends have evolved to include more natural materials such as wood and stone. We have a great selection of furs which blend greys and browns together such as our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain, Husky, Chinchilla and Koala Faux Furs.

1 1 blue ridge mountain throw

Darker Grey Furs

Our sleek dark grey faux furs fit in perfectly with the most decadent and daring of interiors. From deep reds, inky blues to Gold our dark greys suits the most luxurious of rooms.

1 1 slate grey side pic


But don’t get mislead into thinking Grey's are just for Interior Design.

“Grey is the new Black” after all so why not start by adding some Grey's to your wardrobe.

There are many reasons why we should ditch the black in favour of Grey when it comes to fashion. Grey is more heat friendly, it goes with many colours and it gives a softer and more elegant look.

With fashion designers calling it “The Power Grey”. It has even received the Royal Stamp of Approval with the Duchess of Sussex wearing Grey in favour of Black. While it oozes with elegance from what you would expect from the Royal Family it can still be made to look young and fresh.

We have a collection of Grey Faux Fur fashion items to jazz up your wardrobe and take it from drab to fab.

Ladies add a subtle change to your look with a Grey Faux Fur Fashion Accessory such as a hat or scarf. Or go from day to night with a statement Grey Faux Fur jacket. Team it with jeans, a top and flats for day time wear and “Slay” in your night time outfit by teaming it with a sequin dress and heels.

1 1 1 1 Silver mink jacket

Guys we haven't forgotten about you when it come to the "Craze Of Grey's" Why not update your wardrobe with one of our fabulous Grey Faux Fur Gilets perfect to keep you on trend and warm at the same time.  For those of you who are not so daring we have a range of Grey Faux Fur Fashion Accessories like our selection of "Oh So" Dapper Faux Fur Men's Lapel Collars.


With our vast selection of Grey and Silver Faux Furs you’re sure to find the right shade to meet your needs!


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