Animal Print Faux Fur

Fashion / 22 Oct 2018
Animal Print Faux Fur

Out of all the Autumn/Winter 2018 trends, our favourite has to be animal print! Designers like Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and Tom Ford have presented pieces featuring a range of prints, from Zebra to Leopard.

But it’s not just the classic animal print coat in the spotlight, skirts, trousers and dresses have graced the catwalks too!

    1 1 new oce shorts and tank on rock1 1 a new oce both on rock

Cave Girl Vibes – our new Leopard print faux fur shorts, leggings and vest tops are striking and chic.

Every year Faux Fur becomes understandably more popular during the colder months, and to follow trend, this year we’ve seen increased interest in animal print home furnishings.

We have 8 animal print faux furs available in a range of natural tones suitable for all interiors and fashion, take a look at our range below:

1 1 zebra throw

Zebra Faux Fur Throw

Zebra Faux Fur has the stunning black and white Zebra pattern. Fabulous on its own or combined with any black and white fabrics and faux furs.  A stunning stand out faux fur.

1 1 new jaguar cushion

New Jaguar Faux Fur Cushion

Limited Edition New Jaguar. This Jaguar pattern faux fur is a must have for fans of animal patterns a mixture of Cream, Black and Brown in a Jaguar/Leopard Pattern. You wont believe how soft and silky this fabulous Faux Fur is.

1 1 Dark Leopard cushion

Dark Leopard Faux Fur Cushion

Dark Leopard Faux Fur is a dark rich chocolate colour with a Leopard Pattern in Black. Luxurious and super soft. It is sensational and photos don’t do this faux fur justice!

1 1 new ocelot better side maybe

New Ocelot Faux Fur Throw

New Ocelot has a cream coloured base with a vertical ombre effect blending from beige through to chocolate brown. A realistic leopard print pattern overlays the natural colours to create a striking effect.

Jungle Cat Cushion

Jungle Cat Faux Fur Cushion

Stunning Jungle Cat. With a mixture of Gold, Cream and Black in a Leopard pattern – this is perfect for that ‘jungle’ look. This fantastic Faux Fur is subtlety textured giving it a realistic feel.


1 1 snow lynx throw

Snow Lynx Faux Fur Throw

One of our most popular furs, you will fall in love with it the moment you see it! OurSnow Lynx Faux Fur is a luxuriously soft, super silky faux fur with fabulous creams mingling with shades of grey on an Ivory base. Absolutely stunning and the most realistic Lynx we have found.


1 1 wild cat throw

Wild Cat Faux Fur Throw

Wild Cat Faux Fur – a fabulous combination of creams, coffee creams, mushroom, chocolate and black in a Leopard pattern. Wild Cat Faux Fur is extremely silky to touch and perfect for many colour schemes in fashion and furnishings.


panther cushion

Panther Faux Fur Cushion

Panther Faux Fur. A fabulous and stunning faux fur, Panther is a black and white Leopard pattern with a hint of grey. Panther cubs are born black and white, although the adults appear all black they still have the ‘Leopard’ pattern in their fur.

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