Animals of Wood Green Shelter

Animals / 21 Apr 2017
Animals of Wood Green Shelter

We are delighted to support Woodgreen Animal Shelter and the amazing work they do.

From humble beginnings in 1924 and the subsequent headquarter move from London to Cambridgeshire, Wood Green the Animals Charity in Godmanchester has become one of the largest animal rehoming centres in Europe for the care of dogs, cats, smalls and field animals.

The charity takes in unwanted and lost animals, provides shelter and care, finds secure and loving homes, provides advice and guidance to pet owners and increases public awareness of responsible pet ownership.

woodgreen puppy smaller pic

An adorable lurcher puppy enjoying his lush faux fur surroundings – the mother came into Wood Green heavily pregnant and had 8 puppies almost as soon she arrived. Wood Green has an especially dedicated puppy block to ensure the little ones get the best start in life.


woodgreen Blackie 29234 on fur

This is Blackie from Wood Green’s Heydon Centre, Blackie is one of their senior cats at 10 years old. Blackie was brought into the Heydon Centre as his owner went into a care home and no other relatives were able to take him in.


woodgreen kitten 2


Wood Green runs entirely on the support of donations to ensure that the animals bought into their care can receive the treatments that they need.


woodgreen puppies

Their dedicated teams believe owning an animal is one of the most rewarding things we can do and they are here to offer help and support to both people and their pets.  Around 5,000 animals are re-homed every year and up to 650 animals can be in their care at any one time.

woodgreen maria on cover

Please do support this wonderful charity by donating, fundraising or volunteering. 

For every 2 Bumper Bundles we sell, we’ll send another Bumper Bundle to Woodgreen Animal Shelter for the animals bedding, and for every Pet Throw, Pet Bed and Designer Dog Coat we sell we will donate £1 to Woodgreen Animal Shelter, to help with the wonderful work they do.

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