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Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover
Celebrity, TV and Film / 26 Feb 2018

Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover

We're delighted that 60 Minute Makeover are featuring our Faux Fur Throws, Cube Pouffes and Cushions with Peter Andre as the host!

Interior designers Linda Barker and Anna Ryder-Richardson selected a few of our products over 5 episodes this series.

Take a look at some of the products featured:

1 1 slate grey bestSlate Grey Faux Fur Throw

Slate Grey Faux Fur is a new addition to our Marilyn quality faux furs. It's the softest faux fur we've ever come across, imitating the softest Chinchilla fur, the dense fibres produce a very thick and luxurious pile. Slate Grey is a soft dark grey in colour. A must have, if you want a super soft faux fur.

11 mongolian white bg                                                                        Mongolian Grey Faux Fur Cushion

Our stunning Mongolian Grey Faux Fur is super soft, long and curly, very similar to Mongolian Lamb and a fabulous substitute for mohair. The grey is a lovely mid/light grey. You won’t believe how soft and silky this faux fur is. 


arctic wolf cushion white bg 

Arctic Wolf Faux Fur Cushion

 1 1 arctic new pic

Arctic Wolf Faux Fur Throw

Arctic Wolf Faux Fur is a medium length, (nearly 3 cm long - over 1 inch) dense luxurious, soft, silky faux fur tipped with silver giving it a fabulous shine with and undercoat of black. 

11 AmethystAmethyst Mink Faux Fur Throw

Amethyst Mink is a stunning dark purple colour with hints of black.  Like all of our Mink furs, Amethyst is lusciously soft with a fantastic sheen, perfect for a dramatic feature to any room or outfit.


1 1 1 timber pouffe                                                               Timber Wolf Faux Fur Cube Pouffe

Stunning, luxurious and so practical, our Faux Fur Pouffes /Cubes /Foot Stools are 2 in 1. Under the super soft faux fur cover is a faux leather inner – the Faux Fur cover can be removed to reveal a Faux Leather cover underneath, making this pouffe a dual design piece!

1 1 midnight navy 1Midnight Navy Faux Fur Throw

We have been searching a long time for a deep navy fur now we have a stunning addition to our 'Mink' quality faux furs. A luxurious deep Navy Blue/Midnight Blue in colour, super soft and silky with a high sheen.

We absolutely adore the colours and textures picked out by the designers, a range of grey with a luxurious touch of rich colours!