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Adorable Faux Fur ‘tails’. Perfect as handbag charms, lucky tassels, key ring tails. Great to customise and hang from scooters, travel bags, fashion bags, purses, phones even as a hair/hat accessory. Never lose you keys again!

On trend and ‘hot’ this year - a totally fashionable accessory. To make our ‘tails’ as versatile as possible we’ve used faux suede ties for attaching to keys, bags. Already one of our best sellers, our ‘Tails’ tube measure approx 10 inches (26cm)

Please, please, please be careful where you buy ‘faux fur’ items especially these ‘tails’. We’ve been shocked and horrified to discover many on the High Street and on web sites are actually real fur. We can absolutely guarantee and assure ALL our products are 100% FAUX.  Our faux fur comes to us in 20/30m rolls, it is woven or knitted like all fabrics and we see every single inch of the back and front of the faux fur. We make everything here in our UK Design Studio to be sure it’s FAUX (Acrylic and Polyester)

PLease see our FAQ section for tips on how to spot real fur items.

Our faux furs are top fashion quality, so silky and soft they are just like the real thing without the cruelty. This year's must have. A really economical way to add a splash of colour or an inexpensive way to mix and a match with our other products.

All our products are tailor made in our UK design studios. If there is something you cannot see please do call on 01255 475498 or email us at info@fauxthrow.com