This fabulous piece of Art
News / 08 Jul 2008

This fabulous piece of Art

We felt we had to share this fabulous piece of life sized art with you.

This piece, made form our Silver Astra Faux fur was exhibited in the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2008  from the 14th - 24th June.

This incredibly talened artist is Gwenda Thompson.

Gwenda has spent the last 6 years in higher education, and is looking forward to heading out into the big wide world! 

We hope Gwenda will have many commissions for her unique and stunning work.

From Gwenda - Although I graduate this July, I won't be allowed to procrastinate as I was awarded the John Kinross drawing Scholarship to Florence by the Royal Scottish Academy. This will consist of three months of self directed work. A wonderful opportunity to progress my art in a direction motivated, and inspired by the stunning Florentine culture and surroundings. I have also applied for the position of Artist in Residence at Wellington College in Somerset, and am currently waiting to hear back.

Primarily, I draw my inspiration from fairytales, folklore and fables as research for my work; in particular, the moralistic aspects of these stories, their symbolism, and the animal characters. It also derives from a therapeutic need to create work via craft means, specifically through stitching and making stuffed animals.
In the work, I attempt to portray a variety of things. The size serves to make the viewer feel small in comparison, to perhaps conjure images of their own childhood and teddy bears they may have had. I have still chosen to keep them life sized and no larger in order to encourage the anthrozoological human-animal relationship that has existed universally for thousands of years. Although perhaps cuddly, comic and appealing in their tactility, when the viewer investigates further, he will find a more sinister theme evolves. The sculptures I create often show emotional states through expressions and body language, reflecting moments of stress and anxiety in my own life. This means that ultimately, my work retains an element of self portraiture.
Mirrors and reflective surfaces have appeared in my work several times. They are commonly interpreted as symbols of self-discovery, self-knowledge, contemplation, and reflection.  By showing the room reflected, and creating more space, it also suggests a passage to another world