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Candy Faux Fur Throws
Candy Faux Fur Throws
Candy Faux Fur Throws
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For size conversion feet and inches please see below

Limited Edition - Truly Scrumptious - for lovers of Pink this is a must have. Stunning Candy Faux Fur. The colour of Candy Floss, Candy Faux Fur is a delicate pink with white tips - this super soft, long faux fur has fibres up to 9 cm (3.5 inches) the faux fur 'floats' with movement. Limited edition when it's gone it's gone!

As seen in Celebrity Big Brother 2017 - Angie Best keeping warm in our Candy Faux Fur in the Celebrity Big Brother House

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Backings to choose from:

Faux Suede: Our faux suede is incredibly soft and tactile, and feels just like chamois leather. Faux fur trimmed reversible Pastel Pink faux suede is a delicate, soft, pastel pink colour.

Cuddle Soft Velboa: As the name suggests Cuddle Soft Velboa is a silky, plush, super soft, tactile fabric, perfect for furnishings, fashion and teddy bear making. Pink Cuddle Soft Velboa is a delicate pure pink in colour. 

As all our products are made in our UK studio we can also make any size throw with any combination/backing to your requirements.

Please call 01255 475 498 or email us at to discuss your specifications.

We can also back your choice of fur with your own fabric.

CONVERSION     W x L                    W x L

Lap                    1.5m x 1m    = 4ft 11in x 3ft 3in
Bed Runner     2.3m x 50cm = 7ft 6in  x 20in
Medium           1.5m x 1.5m  = 4ft 11in x 4ft 11in
Large                1.5m x 2 m    = 4ft 11in x 6ft 7in
Long                 1.5m x 2.5m  = 4ft 11 in x 8ft 2in
Extra long        1.5m x 3m     = 4ft 11in x 9ft 10in
Double width  3m x 2m        = 9ft 10in x 6ft 7in
Queensbury    2.5m x 2.5m  = 8ft 2in x 8ft 2in
Double sized   3m x 3m        = 9ft 10in x 9ft 10in

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Are you able to machine wash this? And do they shred fur?
Answer (09/10/2018)
Hi Debz – Yes, they are machine washable and they don’t shed but the important care instruction is NO HEAT in the drying, so no dryer or iron. The ‘fur’ is acrylic and will melt but drying naturally on the line, airing cupboard or near a radiator. They dry really quickly being acrylic they ‘throw off’ the water in a spin. For full instruction look at Cleaning & Care in the customer information in the dark grey at the bottom of every page. Just a quick ‘heads up’. Candy is a Limited Edition and we have very little left. So, I would sooner rather than later. Many thanks.
the pink throw in the picture is that the faux seude one or the cuddlesoft velboa one?
Answer (09/10/2018)
Hi Paige - the 1st photo is with Cuddle Soft velboa then if you click on the drop down where is says ‘option’ click on ‘with faux suede’ the photo of the suede will appear – the colours are identical just a difference in the texture – Velboa is softer and washes better it doesn’t crease. I hope that helps. Just a ‘Heads up’ Candy is almost out of stock and we won’t be having anymore for the time being as the mill has stopped making it. Very best.

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Candy Faux Fur Throws

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