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Tissavel Buttercup Faux Fur Cushion
Tissavel Buttercup Faux Fur Cushion
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Tissavel Buttercup is a stunning bright buttercup yellow, as you expect from Tissavel it is amazingly soft and silky. The fibres are 3m long (over and inch) If you are looking for a little sunshine this beautiful fur is the one for you!

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* Did you know it takes over 200 Chinchillas to make a real Chinchilla Fur coat, selling at 3,000 - 10,000, around 80,000 chinchillas are still being farmed for fur across Europe - and many more globally.

Chinchillas originate from the Andes in South America, where their thick fur allows them to survive cold mountain temperatures. In the wild, chinchillas are now critically endangered as a result of humans hunting and trapping them for their fur.

Chinchillas are quiet and shy, with a natural lifespan of 10 to 20 years.

Chinchillas are highly social, and in the wild, they live in colonies with more than 100 other individuals. They're also notable for being kind to one another. For example, if a chinchilla mum has problems producing milk to feed her babies, another female will often step in to assist, while male chinchillas will often help out with babysitting.

"I can't believe designers still use real fur, when faux fur looks great" Eva Mendes.

All our cushions come fully made and ready to use with the cushion pad included and zipped for easy removal of the cover.

We have searched the world for the highest quality most realistic, life-like faux furs. All of our faux fur cushions are designed and hand made with loving care in our UK Studio, using a wide choice of fabrics and colours, unique to the Throw Company and cruelty free. With over 80 faux furs (the widest selection of quality faux furs Worldwide) with 4 Square sizes, Round, Heart and Oblong, you are sure to find your perfect luxurious faux fur cushion.

Our cushions come in 4 sizes 16" x 16". 18" x 18". 20" x 20" and 24" x 24" *. (41cm.4 5cm. 51cm & 61cm) All our cushions come with the pad (polyester) and cushion cover in your choice of fabric with zip for easy removal. Why not mix and match and have one set in your main fabric and the other set in the second fabric? * size is the size of cushion pad measured seam to seam.

We can also custom make any size /shape cushion - do email us or phone with your enquiries: -01255 475498.

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Tissavel Buttercup Faux Fur Cushion

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